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We are very focused on offering the best cleaning results at a fair price, technicians are not paid any sales commissions. See our Price & Value page to find out what the cost will be based on your needs.

Usually not. When you call and describe which rooms and areas you would like to have cleaned we will ask a few short questions about your needs, and then quote a fair price. If you decide later to add or subtract a room or area the price will be adjusted.

80% of our friends living in furnished homes want us to focus on the areas of the carpet known as the traffic lanes. Move as much or as little furniture as you want to move ahead of time and we will safely work around what’s left. If you would like us to move any furniture during the cleaning process we will be happy to carefully slide furniture out and put it back, for an additional cost of $3 per item. Generally, this service is provided to help those who don’t vacuum under the furniture themselves.

Truck-mounted steam extraction systems are the heart of our operation. Our truck-mounted carpet systems are hand-chosen based on PERFORMANCE. They cost more to operate but clean better, dry quickly and represent the best investment for your cleaning dollar. Your carpets will be more thoroughly cleaned and DRY GUARANTEED in 12 hours or less when indoor temperatures can be maintained at 70 degrees following the cleaning.

On any of the six days from Monday through Saturday, we schedule three appointments per day with a start time of 8 am, 11 am or 2 pm, generally. We will customize an appointment time as needed.

Three or fewer rooms will generally take about 1 1/2 or 2 hours. Additional rooms add about 30 minutes each, on average.

This varies according to the indoor air temperature and the amount of air circulation. With a working forced air system in place and temperature of 70 degrees, carpets dry quickly and are dry to the touch in a few hours, often less. It’s a small sacrifice for the stunning results of rinsing the soils away!

We can do it all! We customize each cleaning according to the fiber type and levels of soiling. Nothing beats the results of a proper hot water extraction cleaning in most residences, because of the vast amount of soil removal with this method. There are many methods of cleaning carpets and upholstery, but almost all of them use some water to suspend and remove soils. Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is widely regarded as the best overall cleaning, while dry cleaning is considered a “leveling” of soils or the appearance cleaning, leaving soils behind.

It’s probably best if you are there when the technician arrives, especially if there are any problem areas you wish to point out, however many people like to run off after giving the technician cleaning and lock up instructions. Whatever makes you most comfortable. It’s your home and we respect your privacy.

All workmanship is 100% guaranteed. If a spot comes back, so do we! Please let us know within 24-48 hours after cleaning if there is anything you would like us to do better. Referrals are our business and your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Actually, check is the preferred method of payment.

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